GodsPeopleTodaysCulture_Nook (2)It can be tough living in today’s society of seduction and at the same time, be a Christian. We are inundated with things—we as believers—sincerely believe are wrong and yet, if we dare speak our convictions, we are labeled intolerant.

On the flip-side, Christians’ methods of righteous intolerance are not working; it is turning people away, rather than toward God. It could make all the difference in the world, if Christians could be brave and admit that they too, are tempted by this world of seduction instead of acting like they’ve got it all together.

Our vision for God’s People, Today’s Culture is to be contributor driven, expressing opinions. If there is a ‘message’ in our writings, we’re hopeful that it will portray a message of tolerance, love and acceptance.

While we don’t have to accept what we believe is sin, we can and need to accept God’s people. God is love and if we want to obey Him, we must represent Him on this earth to the best of our natural abilities and in love.